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Sacred Grove Preserve

Sacred Grove: Honoring Life, Preserving Nature

At Sacred Grove, we embrace a profound reverence for life's interconnectedness and a deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Our mission is simple yet profound: to create a sanctuary where the departed find peace, families discover solace, and nature flourishes in harmony.

Eco-Conscious Burials

We offer a serene and eco-conscious approach to burials, redefining the final resting place. Our green burial practices prioritize harmony with nature, omitting embalming fluids and non-biodegradable materials. Families can choose from various burial options, including Legacy Trees, Tree Burials, and Coastal Plain Meadows, each contributing to our commitment to ecological balance and conservation.

A Reverent Process

Our grave preparation, opening, and closing procedures reflect a deep respect for the departed and the environment. Through meticulous practices that honor the original soil state and ensure safe and natural decomposition, we maintain the sanctity of the burial process.

A Sanctuary for Reflection

Sacred Grove isn't just a cemetery; it's a sanctuary where families gather to celebrate and commemorate life. Surrounded by the serenity of nature, families find comfort in our Tobacco Barn Church and Grounds Area, where ceremonies and moments of reflection unfold amidst the tranquil setting.

Environmental Conservation

Beyond providing a space for respectful burials, Sacred Grove is committed to environmental conservation. As a carbon sink and arboretum, our 30-acre cemetery contributes to carbon sequestration and serves as a haven for diverse native flora. Portions of our proceeds are channeled into supporting non-profit initiatives focused on land restoration, permaculture projects, and reforestation.

Holistic Retreat and Wellness Center

In addition to our burial services, we offer a holistic retreat and wellness center. The Hermitage provides a tranquil escape for yoga, meditation, and spiritual contemplation, complemented by amenities such as sauna, hot tubs, and modalities promoting communion with the divine.

Engagement and Education

Community engagement is at the core of our values. Through workshops, educational programs, and events, we foster understanding and awareness about green burial practices, environmental conservation, and spiritual connections with nature.

Your Partner in Green Burials

At Sacred Grove, we stand as a beacon of eco-consciousness, providing not just a final resting place but a legacy of environmental harmony. We invite you to explore our sanctuary, embrace our values, and join us in honoring life while preserving the sanctity of our natural world.

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